The Site Has Moved

As i start a vacation I decided I would move my computer services around. As such I have moved this site from an older machine to a newer one. As part of this shift I have opted for a different theme. This is actually all to prepare for upgrading some old computer hardware and I … Read more

AllSky Camera MK2

In early April 2020, I built an AllSky Camera using the information from Wireless All Sky Camera. This was really more of a “Macgyver” case of can I slap things together rather then a properly planned build like the author of that DIY had done. I was generally happy with this, but as we had snow … Read more

Is this a meteor?

On May 9 at 23:44:42 I captured a bright object on my AllSky camera. Just prior to this image you can see a faint meteor trail streaking by, and just after this image you can see a faint streak as well. See the images below. Just not sure what this larger flash was, it only … Read more

AllSky Camera is Live

Last summer I saw a DIY post about creating an AllSky Camera which got me thinking about creating one of my own. Last week (Mar 30 – Apr 5, 2020 ) I finally got around to building this camera. I had all the hardware but had to improvise in terms of the casing for the … Read more

Canon Rebel 0.96″ Telescope Adapter

I wanted to use my Canon Rebel to take pictures of the night sky using a telescope. I could have purchased the appropriate T-Adapter for the camera, but I decided to try and make one myself. The Parts Above is a photo of the parts used for this adapter. On the left is a standard … Read more