Canon Rebel 0.96″ Telescope Adapter

I wanted to use my Canon Rebel to take pictures of the night sky using a telescope. I could have purchased the appropriate T-Adapter for the camera, but I decided to try and make one myself.

The Parts

Above is a photo of the parts used for this adapter. On the left is a standard Canon ES body cap which you can get from any camera store. On the right are some parts from a local hardware store. The brass fitting is roughly 0.96″ in diameter so a perfect fit for the telescope (see image below).


  1. Spray paint the inside of the brass fitting black (I choose a flat black paint) to reduce any extra light entering the sensor
  2. Drill a hole into the body cap at the center to allow the thread end of the brass fitting through
  3. Adjust the nut so that the brass fitting does not go beyond the back of the body cap
  4. Use a 3/4″ threaded fitting and some pipe cement to secure the end of the brass fitting to the body cap
  5. Allow everything to dry and harden

The Result

At this point, you will have a T-Adapter that can fit into a 0.96″ Telescope. If your telescope uses a different diameter this process should still work you would just need to find a larger brass fitting to fit into your telescope.

Here is the final setup of the assembly

Sample Shots

Without the telescope With the telescope