Site coming back

At some point on May 28th, 2013 my basement server died. I am not sure what caused it to fall over as it was fairly old hardware. As such this site went down.

On Wednesday I picked up some new parts and was able to reinstall the OS as well as mount the old drives. I am now in the process of bringing back some of the web applications that were present on this site. WordPress being the first.

Setting up my OS X laptop

I recently upgraded to OS X 10.7 and as part of that upgrade some applications failed to work properly. This issues were specifically around some of the fink packages I installed. I removed fink and reinstalled it so here below is a list for my records of what fink packages I have installed:

  • coreutils-default
  • grep
  • tmpreaper
  • lesspipe

2012 Venus Transit

On June 5, 2012 the planet Venus passed in front of the sun causing us to view a small dark disc move across the sun. This event will not occur again until 2117 which I likely will not be around to see. :)

As such having created a pin hole lens to view a recent solar eclipse further reading showed how I could create a solar funnel. All I needed was a telescope which fortunately a friend of mine had and was able to lend me (I did also purchase a used one so that I could get a better eyepiece).

After building the solar funnel I was able to share with my kids (and neighbors)  the ability to view the sun without burning one’s eyes out. Then on June the 5th my kids and I (plus a number of people and my son’s baseball game) were able to watch something none of us will likely see again.

If you were unable to see the transit or failed to get some pictures you can visit my 2012 Venus Transit album.